RHEL7 View Block Devices

RHEL7 View Block Devices Under RHEL7 view block devices & filesystem is more or less same as we used to do it under RHEL6. Lets understand some interesting commands to view block devices… Continue reading

Configuring Hostnames RHEL7

Configuring Hostnames RHEL7 We all know what is hostname and how to configure hostnames. We are doing it using /etc/sysconfig/hostname file or /etc/hosts file since our RHEL6 days. But things are different in… Continue reading

Puppet Manifests Dependencies

Puppet Manifests Dependencies   While creating or writing puppet manifests, ordering doesn’t matter as long as the resources are independent and not related to each other. And most resources are! But some resources… Continue reading

Installing RHEL7

Installing RHEL7   GEEKS!! Illustrated guide to installing #RHEL7 Server. http://www.networknuts.net/installing-rhel7/

Puppet Auditing Changes

Puppet Auditing Changes   GEEKS !! Learn about – How to enable auditing of resources in #Puppet. A new video by Network NUTS.  

Puppet Configuration File

Puppet Configuration File   GEEKS !! Understand the main configuration file of #Puppet – /etc/puppet/puppet.conf … read complete story http://www.networknuts.net/puppet-configuration-file/  

Understanding Puppet Tags

Understanding Puppet Tags   GEEKS !! Understand #Puppet Tags and control your puppet manifests in a much effective manner. … read complete story http://www.networknuts.net/understanding-puppet-tags/  

Puppet Recovering Overwritten Files

Puppet Recovering Overwritten Files   GEEKS!! Here is a beautiful #puppet #hack to recover overwritten files by puppet manifests. Must read for all puppet and #Linux administrators.   … read complete story http://www.networknuts.net/puppet-recovering-overwritten-files/    

Puppet Definition Structure

Puppet Definition Structure GEEKS !! You all know that puppet is a free software configuration management tool, written in Ruby and developed under the wings of the Puppet Labs company. The idea behind Puppet is that administrators… Continue reading

Puppet Facter Timing

Puppet Facter Timing   Puppet uses a tool called Facter, which discovers some system information, normalizes it into a set of variables, and passes them off to Puppet. Puppet’s compiler then has access to those facts… Continue reading