Managing Puppet with GIT

Managing Puppet with GIT GEEKS !! Understand how to – Manage #Puppet with #GIT A small but fundamental pdf for all those who wish to learn puppet. … read complete story     Advertisements

OpenLMI in RHEL7

OpenLMI in RHEL7   #RHEL7 has #OpenLMI integrated to manage remote Linux servers. GEEKS !! #SSH will no longer be “THE” tool to manage remote Linux servers. Red Hat know this and they have integrated OpenLMI with… Continue reading

Red Hat Certification Policy

Red Hat Certification Policy GEEKS !! Understand NEW #RedHat re-certification policies. Specially for all those who are #RHCE on #RHEL5 …read complete story  

Red Hat Certification Program Update


Testing Puppet Manifest

Testing Puppet Manifest   GEEKS !! Puppet is really in demand these days. Its a must have skill for Linux Administrators. I am conducting couple of Puppet Training both classroom based and online. Interestingly except… Continue reading

Puppet Modules Cheat Sheet

Puppet Modules Cheat Sheet   GEEKS !! To help you split up your manifests into an easier to understand structure, Puppet uses modules and the module autoloader. Remember: Modules are just directories with files,… Continue reading

RHCE5 expires on 09th August, 2014

RHCE5 Expires on 09th August, 2014 RHCE on RHEL5 is going to expire on 09th August, 2014. Time to upgrade your RHCE at 50% of the cost. Network NUTS offers complimentary RHEL6 examination preparation for… Continue reading

Linux Keybindings

Linux Keybindings   Keybinding simply means mapping of a specific key combination to some action. We are already familiar with the best ever keybinding combination ever made – Control-c: to copy selected text… Continue reading

Permanently Erase Hard Disk Data

Permanently Erase Hard Disk Data   GEEKS !! Before discarding old hardware, specially the Hard Disks. You make sure you’re not accidentally giving away proprietary, important or personal data. The quickest and easiest… Continue reading

Kill Linux Process The Right Way

Kill Linux Process The Right Way   GEEKS !! You have learned during your RHCE training the we can use Linux kill command to terminate processes. The safest way to kill a process… Continue reading