Deny SSH and Record Activity using TCP Wrapper

Deny SSH and Record Activity using TCP Wrapper   GEEKS!! We first need to understand how rules are read from /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny files. Inbound packets to tpcd, the Linux TCP daemon, are filtered through the rules… Continue reading

Display Currently Mounted Filesystem using findmnt

Display Currently Mounted Filesystem using findmnt GEEKS !! We all have, during RHCE training, learned using df -h and mount command to display currently mounted filesystem on Linux servers. There is one more… Continue reading

Red Hat Certification Program Changes

Red Hat Certification Program Changes   Red Hat is making some changes to its professional certification program. We will be expanding the number of Red Hat Certificates of Expertise that may be applied towards… Continue reading

How to Hide Linux Processes from Other Users

How to Hide Linux Processes from Other Users   If you are administering a multi-user Linux server or system. Then all the users, including normal or ordinary users can see the processes run… Continue reading

Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning

Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning  We generally use an OS in its native configuration – i.e. without bothering much about how the system will behave or respond in the current load situation. The overall load may vary… Continue reading

Puppet Managing Linux Infrastructure

Puppet Managing Linux Infrastructure   Understand what Puppet is, how relevant it is in today’s environment? How Puppet is used to manage hundreds of Linux servers remotely? How Puppet knowledge will be useful… Continue reading

Linux LVM

Linux LVM GEEKS !! A new and really cool video on #LVM Learn: 1. Basics of LVM 2. Executing commands by increasing verbosity 3. Extending VG 4. Removing VG 5. Reducing VG 6. Split… Continue reading

Openssl Adavance Tips and Tricks

Openssl Adavance Tips and Tricks   Some interesting #openssl tips and tricks.  

x86info to gather cpu information

x86info to gather cpu information   GEEKS !! Now learn using #x86info to gather CPU information on #Linux or #RHEL machines.

Importance of Red Hat Linux Training Certification

Importance of Red Hat Linux Training Certification