Verifying rpm Installed Files

Verifying rpm Installed Files   Learn how to check if the files installed by the rpm packages where modified since they were installed. Advertisements

How to spoof mac address in Linux

How to spoof mac address in Linux   Learn why and how can u spoof the MAC address on your Linux machine.  

sudo authorization control video

sudo authorization control video Red Hat Linux Training video by Network NUTS. This video shows how to configure sudo authorization control using visudo and learn how to make sudo more secure and effective.… Continue reading

Removing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager

Removing Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager GEEKS !! During your #RHCVA training you learn how to install and configure your RHEV Manager. Which is the most essential component of RHEV. Learn how to clean it… Continue reading

OpenStack Services

OpenStack Services   Table of major OpenStack services in OpenStack Architecture  

Monitoring Linux using Glances

Locking User Accounts in Linux

Locking User Accounts in Linux GEEKS !! Different method to lock or freeze a user account in #Linux Must read for all #RHCE aspirants.

Importance of Partitioning in Linux

Importance of Partitioning in Linux   Understand the fundamentals of creating different partitions on Linux system. Why we need to create different partitions and the benefits associated with it. A must read for… Continue reading

Gluster vs Ceph Cloud Storage

Gluster vs Ceph Cloud Storage  

rm vs shred command

rm vs shred command