Fire on Linux Terminal

GEEKS!! Warm up your¬†#Linux¬†Desktop with virtual fireplace.   Advertisements

SSH Proxy for Secure Internet Connection

GEEKS !! Learn the BASIC SECURITY tip for using INTERNET in Public Places like cafe, hotels etc.  

Linux Bash Shell Cheat Sheet

Recovering Deleted LVM

Learn how to recover data from deleted LVM on RHEL machines.  

Linux Hardware Information using inxi

GEEKS!! Time to learn about “inxi” a very interesting and easy linux tool for collecting hardware information from Linux machines.

Review and Repair Linux Swap Partition

GEEKS !! Review and Repair Linux Swap Partition.  

Red Hat Adopted CentOS

Red Hat Adopted CentOS. CentOS is now under RedHat. Good news is that CentOS users still need not to pay to Red Hat.  

What is Linux Kernel

GEEKS !! Many times I have heard people saying that Linux Kernel is a OS. Some says it a application. Some refer it as a process. To put it precise – Linux Kernel… Continue reading

Linux Kernel 3.12.6

Linux Kernel 3.12.6 available for download. GEEKS!! Linux kernel 3.12.6 is a very big release. Biggest ever maintenance release for Linux 3.12 kernel, bringing several ARM and x86 improvements, numerous updated drivers (Radeon,… Continue reading

Linux shot glass