How to Hide Linux Processes from Other Users

How to Hide Linux Processes from Other Users


If you are administering a multi-user Linux server or system. Then all the users, including normal or ordinary users can see the processes run by other users including root and system processes. Which is the default behavior of Linux server.

But the default behavior is not good for security reasons.

You might want to know how to hide Linux processes from others users. Specially to hide processes run by root from ordinary users.

Consider this small Linux hack.

If you’re running a recent Kernel, (version 3.2 or higher), you can achieve this benefit of hiding Linux processes of other users by mounting the /proc filesystem with the new hidepid option:

Value Meaning
0 This is the default setting and gives you the default behaviour.
1 With this option a normal user would not see other processes but their own in pstop etc, but would is still be able to see process IDs beneath /proc
2 Users are only able to see their own processes (as with with hidepid=1), but also any other process IDs are hidden for them if they manually poke around beneath /proc

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