Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning

Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning 

We generally use an OS in its native configuration – i.e. without bothering much about how the system will behave or respond in the current load situation. The overall load may vary

Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning

Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning

from time to time, depending on the situation. So we need to continually monitor and tune
our systems in the same manner like we change our car gears – depending upon the road and traffic conditions. Simply put, the objective of these documents is to make Linux work more efficiently.

Performance tuning requires that you should have a sound knowledge of computer hardware – how the various computer components talk to each other, in addition to the various components of the operating system. Collecting relevant data about a problem and analyzing it is very important in successful performance tuning.

In these 5 Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning documents. I had tried to explain you the step by step approach of Linux Monitoring & Performance Tuning.

I strongly suggest to follow the sequence of documents in order to understand the Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning aspects very clearly.