Linux Interview Question

What is tmpfs?

Ans> Main points to remember about tmpfs:

– A file system based on SunOS virtual memory resources.

– Tmpfs does not use traditional non-volatile media to store file data; instead, tmpfs files exist solely in virtual memory maintained by the UNIX kernel.

– Tmpfs is designed primarily as a performance enhancement to allow short lived files to be written and accessed without generating disk or network I/O.

– It does not require dedicated disk space for files and has no negative performance impact.

– Rather than using dedicated physical memory such as a ‘‘RAM disk’’, tmpfs uses the operating system page cache for file

– Tmpfs files are written and accessed directly from the memory maintained by the kernel; they are not differentiated from other
uses of physical memory. This means tmpfs file data can be ‘‘swapped’’ or paged to disk, freeing VM (virtual memory) resources for other needs.