Find Package Name using repoquery


Here comes a very simple but really time saving tip related to yum.

I know we all have very sharp memories, but sometimes we can forget the package name associated with a particular Linux command or utility. We had learned about so many command during our RHCE Training or RHCSS Training.

Like I can forget which package need to be installed to use partprobe command.

Before you can do google. You can use the yum-utils for a much faster solution.

Steps involved are very simple.

Step #1. Install the yum-utils package either using rpm or yum.

Step #2. Use the repoquery command to search for the package name responsible for giving you the utility.

Like for searching the package name for partprobe, I can use –

repoquery -f */partprobe

Here is a simple illustration from my machine.

Learn, Love, Live, Linux.

Using repoquery to find package name

Using repoquery to find package name