vim editor


Welcome Monday, seems to be sarcastic. 

But here comes a very small tip on vim editor or vi editor on Linux.

You all are using vim since your early days of exploration with Linux, like in RHCE Training, and no doubt its a wonderful text editor. And I seriously thought couple of times, whether to post this post or not to post this post.

Now consider this:

You had opened a very important file in Linux using vim editor and had done couple of changes and now you want to revert back to original state of the file. PS: considering that you hadn’t saved your changes using ESC+w command.

You can achieve this by pressing ESC+u multiple times and it will work. But you know, you can also use ESC+e! or ESC+edit! to undo all the changes since you had opened the file, before saving, in just one command.

Try doing it. Its fun.


vim command

vim command