User Profiles


Though you are doing RHCE and had learned this during your Red Hat Linux Training. But, here are some points to remember regarding User Profiles on Linux Box:

1. User Profiles is the ability of the Linux box to present a consistent user experience i.e same icons, files, colors etc.

2. Default Shell is BASH.

Important files with respect to profiles:

a. ‘/etc/{bashrc, profile, profile.d, shells, skel}’

b. ‘/etc/profile’ – its the system wide $SHELL file, that contain and configure the initial environment.

c. ‘/etc/profile.d’ – it contain $SHELL including colors presented during ‘ls’ command.

d. ‘/etc/shells’ – contains names of shells allowed. PS: You need to make sure the /etc/shells should not contain un-identified shells.

e. ‘/etc/skel’ – this structure is used during creation of new users.

f. ‘~/.bash_history’ – Need to secure and guard the contents of this file. Recommended that you should be deleting the contents of this file, better PURGE the contents of ~/.bash_history to /dev/null instead of just removing the lines.

g. ‘$HOME/bin’ – This is a per user executable directory. Please take a look at the contents of this location for any un-identified processes or binaries.

GEEKS, these are some of the important files and their contents you should be aware of, as a Linux Admin.