sysctl – runtime kernel options


Here goes a problem.

Something happened on my Linux machine and I am not able to execute … say .. #sysctl command, correctly

Hope you remember this command and your #rhce training days.

Now I need to find out which package I should install or re-install to get my sysctl command line tool working again.

I think, I need not to tell you that:

1. sysctl tool is used to manipulate run-time #linux #kernel options.

2. The binary is stored at /sbin/sysctl.

3. You can check all the kernel run-time possibilities with sysctl -a command.


Here is your task, give me the command which will help me find out which package controls the sysctl tool.

There can be number of ways to get the result, idea is to know all of them using your grey matter, GEEKS.