Disabling Unused Services Linux


We all are being taught not to start, or stop un-necessary services from our production Linux servers, as a BASIC RULE OF THUMB for securing your servers. Right from our RHCE Training and also in RHCSS Training days.


Just take a deeper look here, and understand which services, you might not need at all. When you do the installation of your red hat linux servers, most systems come with a large number of services that start at boot. Obviously, some of these are actually important to the functioning of your system, and others are designed to start applications such as Postfix or Apache that run on your system. But you will agree that, many of the others are not necessary or start services that potentially pose security risks to your system.

Now here you need to apply your common sense when deciding which service to start, which not to start. Its like “TO BE” or “NOT TO BE”. 

The pcmcia script, for example, is required only if you have PCMCIA devices or the winbind service if you are using Samba. If you are not doing any printing, then do not start the lpd and cups daemons.

The table where I had recommended to disable particular services listed are based purely on my experience that these services are not required on a secured production server.

You are free to differ.

For example, you would rarely find the apmd daemon running on a production server, but it is commonly used on laptops to provide the appropriate power management functionality.

Happy Disabling. 


Services to remove in Linux

Services to remove in Linux