Save Storage Space use hardlinks


Consider this.

You suspect that there are some huge duplicated file (can be movies, songs) in your HDD. But its very difficult to scan each directory for “duplicate stuff”.

What to do?

Please welcome a tool – hardlinks.

This hardlinks is not same what you had learned during your RHCE Training.

It consolidate duplicate files via hardlinks. This is a package that automatically walks through files, on the same filesystem, looking for duplicates. When a duplicate is found, one file is chosen as the master and the other duplicate matches link to this

Here is a small illustration of its working from my machine.

PS: If you edit the file with emacs, it will not save changes in both places. Because the default settings of emacs save the contents into a new file, you’ll only get the changes made in the file you’re editing. If you had made a soft link (ln -s), then, changing one file with emacs will change the other … just an important point

Hardlinks package

Hardlinks package

to note.