Virtual Consoles during RHEL 6 Installation Time


While installation of RHEL 6 you can access different virtual consoles for diagnostic purpose. Hope you remember your RHCE Training.

Several kinds of diagnostic messages are available to you, during installation time.

You must be knowing that a virtual console is a shell prompt in a non-graphical environment, accessed from the physical machine, not remotely. Multiple virtual consoles can be accessed simultaneously.

Generally and normally you need a good reason to switch to virtual consoles unless the problems are attracted to you. 🙂

Here is a list of virtual consoles and the kind of information they present to you during installation time.

Might be useful to you.

OK !! One more tip. 

Many students complain that they are not getting GUI while installation of RHEL 6 or their monitor goes in “stand by” mode as soon as the installation starts.

This generally happens when RHEL is not able to configure the optimized drivers for your VGA. In this case try appending “nomodeset” at the kernel parameter to resolve the issue.

virtual consoles during installation of rhel 6

virtual consoles during installation