e2fsck, improve file system performance


So you still remember how you had configured the FTP server, Samba Server etc in your Red Hat Linux Training.

Now, Consider this, you have a FTP / SAMBA or any other file server where your employees or clients write and store their files. Files can be small files or big files including pictures etc.

During the process it might happen that your employees might complain of slower access or increase in access times.

In this kind of situation you can try to use e2fsck to optimize the filesystem, Use it with -D switch, it will try to optimize the file system.

As per the man page of e2fsck the -D switch will –

Optimize directories in filesystem. This option causes e2fsck to try to optimize all directories, either by reindexing them if the filesystem supports directory indexing, or by sorting and compressing directories for smaller directories, or for filesystems using traditional linear directories

It can significantly improve the performance for sure.

Below is a illustration of the process on my machine.

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e2fsck for improving performance

e2fsck for improving performance