Multitail Linux Tool


Remember that versatile “tail” command.

Yes, that used to give us, the Linux sys admin. the ease of viewing the logs, live.

But the limitation of the tail command was that we were able to see only one file in a terminal. Making it difficult for us to keep a eye on different log files.

Here comes, MULTITAIL.

Multitail is as the names describes, allows a Linux Administrator to view multiple log files opened in a single terminal (using ncurses). So you can browse or look at various log files simultaneously.

Obviously you need to download it first. Ubuntu users can simply give –

sudo apt-get install multitail

Other users including RHEL users can download the package using google or using the official page of multitail.

Here is a small illustration from my machine using multitail.

I had given the command:

sudo multitail /var/log/boot.log /var/log/bootstrap.log

Multitail Linux Command

Multitail Linux Command