Storage File Size

GEEKS !! A Merry Christmas to ALL.

I know you all have learned how to use file as a storage during your Red Hat Linux Training or while doing your RHCE.

Like you can use a swapfile for increasing the swap size. Further you can use the file storage for creating VM’s.

All this can be very easily achieved using the “dd” command to create and use the file storage as per your needs.

But imagine this. Say, after you had created a swap file of size, say 200 M, you are in need to increase the swap further by 200 M.

No rocket science that you can create another swap file using the same “dd” command and then reconfigure your system to use them all.

But this can be tedious, as now you have to manage couple of swap files. Isn’t it a BETTER idea to increase the size of the previous swap file that we had created using dd command so, you just need to manage a single file only.

YES GEEKS !! You can do this.

Here is this trick for Christmas for you all. Check this illustration from my machine.

God Speed.

Increase Storage File Size in Linux

Increase Storage File Size in Linux