Apache, Samba file share

GEEKS – Consider this.

I am running RHEL 6 with SELinux active. I am running Apache, hosting some website over it, say under the default DocumentRoot – /var/www/html.

Now I want that my employees, using windows, should be able to access those file using smb protocol.

I can install samba and share the folder /var/www/html under /etc/samba/smb.conf file, but because of SELinux contexts my windows employees are still unable to access the files under /var/www/html, as the context for apache is – httpd_sys_content_t.

I cannot change the files under /var/www/html context to samba_share_t as then the website will refuse to work. 😦

Please tell me the solution for it.

I want that the files under /var/www/html having the context of httpd_sys_content_t should be accessible by windows clients via samba as well.