Performance Issue on Linux Server

GEEKS I am giving you a real problem faced in production environment.

And being a Red Hat Certified guy its your job now to FIRST analyze the problem and try to figure out the reason … and then we will come on the solution.

“During a particular time in a day (time mentioned in screenshots) the Linux server become too slow and its taking a real loooonnggg time to respond to the clients. Clients says it freeze. Say its running some database and some 100 clients connect to it.” 

After that brief period of slump, things went normal again. And this happens quite a number of times in a day. The server is with 20 GB RAM. We used sar to gather data from this server.

Now your first challenge is to tell me the reason about this server behavior.I know I am asking too much. But that’s how you learn new things, challenge the unseen and unread.

I request you to analyze the screenshot very carefully.

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CPU, Memory information from Server

CPU, Memory information from Server