Midnight Commander

GEEKS .. have u ever tried MC (midnight commander)?

Its a very powerful and beautiful text based file manager in Unix/Linux

Midnight Commander (mc) supports galore of virtual file systems (VFS) such as, tarfs to view the content of the several archive files (tar, tgz, bz2, rpm etc.) , ftpfs to browse FTP repositories of a remote server, fish to manipulate files on a remote server over ssh, undelfs to recover a deleted file.

Installation is also fairy simple –

RHEL Users can use – yum install mc
Ubuntu Users can use – sudo apt-get install mc

It then can be invoked by just typing “mc” on the terminal. And it hardly takes 15-20 minutes to master the mc.

Here are some very small tips.

Menu bar at the top can be accessed using “F9” or pressing “Esc 9”

The Functions keys at the bottom can be accessed by pressing Esc and then the corresponding number.

Further you can still type any command anytime and press ENTER to execute it. That’s a beauty indeed. 🙂

PS: You just need to dig a bit to explore the possibilities with mc

Here is a screenshot from my machine running mc.

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander