Convert Files Online

Geeks lets start the week with a “online” note.

Lets suppose you need to convert some document from one format to another. Say for example you need to convert Microsoft doc format to pdf file or some txt file to pdf or anything else.

I know you have certain tools which you can use to do the job or you can use the original software for the purpose. You can also use the “export as” option available in certain software.

But you are a GEEK.

You don’t wish to install any software or use some linux command line tools like pdftohtml, pdftotext, ps2pdf etc.

Then what. You can just go to and use this beautiful website to convert your file to I suppose any available format. Without installing any software.

You just need to give the file you wish to convert, then choose the format in which to convert, give your email id and they will send a link to the converted file which you can download in your email.

Job Done.

Do tell me how you like this online facility?

Convert files online

Convert files online