Resume Download with wget

Welcome Monday !!!

And here comes another good feature of wget that you must have learned during your RHCE Training

Lets suppose you are downloading a huge file over the wire and something happened with the connection. The downloading has stopped in between.

Now I should be able to resume the download from where I had left. This can be done using the simple -c option with wget.

In case a download is stopped in middle, and you had restart the download again without the option -c, wget will append .1 to the filename automatically as a file with the previous name already exist. If a file with .1 already exist, it will download the file with .2 at the end and so on ….

But here is the wget with -c option for your eyes only coming from my machine.

“LIKE” = Nice paintwork on screenshot.

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Resume download with wget -c option

Resume download with wget -c option