Xinetd Banner

I got a chance to interact with RHCE aspirants in our East Delhi center recently and shared whatever I know with them. Its really good to see the zeal to learn. They were quite happy with the tips I am sharing on facebook and the videos also helped them a lot.

So here I am sharing one more tip, a very small tip regarding the banner in xinetd.

We all know about the facility of applying banner by using TCP Wrapper in the /etc/hosts.allow or /etc/hosts.deny file. But you know that the same banner facility is also in the xinetd based services like telnet etc. But as its not covered in any standard curriculum its rarely known.

So that the idea behind the networknuts facebook page.

Sharing what is not being shared. 🙂

OK !! Its very simple you can use the “banner” (without ‘s’) argument within any xinetd based service to apply banner.

Here is a illustrated example. I have applied banner in the telnet service and when connection is being made from client side the banner is clearly visible.

“LIKE” = I tried it and it works.

Xinetd Banner

Xinetd Banner