Disable Interactive Startup on Linux Server

Welcome Monday. Start of the new week and what a way to start the week with a week-off.

YES I am at home, enjoying my week-off today. But the tip of the day cannot wait.

You must be knowing that on Fedora, CentOS or RHEL systems you can perform an interactive boot by pressing the “i” key during the machine startup. This feature is good and can be used to stop or disallow any service to run during the machine startup, if that service is giving you some problems.

But if the Linux server is on remote location and you cannot control the physical access. Then the same facility can be used by anyone to stop or disallow any important service like iptables etc and thus making your Linux server vulnerable to attacks.

Now if you don’t want your Linux server to support interactive startup by pressing the “i” key you can simply edit the /etc/sysconfig/init file and make the parameter “PROMPT=no”.

This will disable the interactive mode.

Here is a screenshot from my RHEL 6 machine.

Enjoy your week.. I am enjoying my week-off. 🙂

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Disable Interactive Startup on Linux Servers

Disable Interactive Startup on Linux Servers