Linux fun with Penguins

As its the starting of the weekend. I am not sharing any linux technical stuff.

Lets start the day with more fun with tux aka penguins.

We know that Linux is synonym with the penguin “Tux”.

Now you can have penguins appearing on your desktop, dancing and doing crazy stuff. All you need is to install “xpenguins” application.

Ubuntu users can simply use the command “sudo apt-get install xpenguins“.

Its a partial GUI app but can be initiated via CLI. Just type “xpenguins” and see the magic of penguins. Again press “ctrl+c” to stop the penguins activity.

Enjoy have fun.. enjoy your weekend.

Here is a snapshot of my desktop .. havoc done by penguins. 🙂

Fun with Penguins

Fun with Penguins