Linux Distros not to use

Four Linux Distributions you should NOT USE.

1. Ubuntu Satanic Edition –

2. Hannah Montana Linux –

3. Red Star OS –

4. Apartheid Linux



Ubuntu SE is more a novelty choice than a serious OS.

Hannah Montana – Its not going to be your OS of choice unless you watch way too much Disney channel. The distro itself is little more than a re-skinned Kubuntu.

Red Star OS is the Linux distribution of choice in North Korea. The project began in 2002 in a bid to replace the country’s dependence on Microsoft Windows, which was the primary OS of choice in the country up until then. The OS only comes in Korean and features a modified version of Mozilla Firefox called Naenara. This web browser connects to the country’s intranet known as Kwangmyong, a walled-garden approach which has no bridge to the standard Internet we know and love.

Apartheid Linux – Its the most offensive and disgusting as it is pointless. A racially-charged Linux distro for ignorant white people.