Monitor Linux Server Bandwidth using iftop

There is a very simple yet effective tool – iftop. Which can be used to monitor the current bandwidth consumption on your linux servers.

iftop displays a table of current bandwidth usage by pairs of hosts. Its a perfect tool to check for remote Linux server over ssh session.

Remember this tool is not a part of standard RHCE Training.

Ubuntu users can simple give the command –

sudo apt-get install iftop 

to install the tool.

RHEL users can use the soureforge or the given link to download the package and start using –

You can simple give the command:

iftop -i eth0 

to let it start work for you. But its always recommended to use some filters with iftop for better results. Like:

1. iftop -f icmp

2. iftop -F

Again I recommend going through the man pages of iftop for better usage.

Here is a screen shot of iftop in action from my machine, here I had used the command – iftop -i wlan0

monitor linux server bandwidth using iftop

monitor linux server bandwidth using iftop