tcptrack to monitor network connections.

I know you are aware of top command that shows you the active processes.

Did you know that you can use “tcptrack” command to displays the status of TCP connections that it sees on a given network interface. tcptrack monitors their state and displays information such as state, source/destination addresses and bandwidth usage in a sorted, updated list (like top command).

Ubuntu users can simply give “sudo apt-get install tcptrack”

RHEL / Fedora users can use this link to download and start using tcptrack –

Just give – tcptrack -i eth0 / eth1 / wlan0

Here is a screenshot of tcptrack from my laptop.

You can also use these combinations to tcptrack to monitor specific type of traffic.

tcptrack -i wlan0 port 25
tcptrack -i wlan0 port 80
tcptrack -i eth0 src or dst x.x.x.x – to view connections from a specific IP (just replace x.x.x.x with the IP)

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tcptrack command to monitor network connections

tcptrack command to monitor network connections