India’s best ever score in RHCSS (EX333) exam by Network NUTS

Our students, Ms. Mandeep Kaur and Mr. Devender Singh has made us feel proud by giving 99.5% aggregate in EX333 exam conducted at Network NUTS, South Delhi centre by Red Hat.

With this score Ms. Mandeep Kaur also happens to be the first female in India to clear EX333 and EX423 in first attempt and that is too with a amazing score of 100 in first section of EX333 and 99 in second section to EX333, aggregating to 99.5%. The highest ever in the toughest exam of RHCSS track.

This clearly shows how much dedicated our students and how seriously they take our trainings. They join Network NUTS for improvement in their professional lives and the change is visible.

For anyone wishing to clear EX333, I always says and stress them to focus on fundamentals and concepts. Never try to cram up the things, you will never get success. Understand the concepts and victory will be yours. There is no short-cut to hard work and dedication.